12% of UK consumers have fallen victim to payments fraud over the past 4 years

12% of UK consumers have fallen victim to payments fraud over the past 4 years

More than one in ten people in the UK (12.1%) have been the victim of payments fraud in the last four years, according to new research from global payments company ACI Worldwide.

12 News Investigates: Used Car Nightmare

Franklin couple unknowingly buys ‘stolen’ used car. Now an Illinois agency is closing loopholes.

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FS Spring Series Session 4- APP, Fraud and the Quincecare duty of care (11th May 2022)

How to avoid falling victim to an online financial scam | ABC News

One of the big trends in online fraud is the emergence of Fake Investment Scams. Consumers are think they are dealing with major banks or investment companies but in reality they are being tricked into handing over their life savings to scammers.

In this story we go deep inside a scam to see exactly how one Melbourne man was tricked by scammers posing as financial advisors from JP Morgan.

The real JP Morgan has nothing to do with it and didn’t even have any idea it was going on until much month after the scams had begun. The inside workings of these scam operations are so clever it could happen to anyone.

Read more on ABC News: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-24/inside-the-australian-bonds-investment-scam/100120448

Rising number of people falling victim to ‘Pay Yourself’ scam, U.S. Senate report says

The report was part of an investigation launched earlier this year by U.S. senators that looked at Zelle and several other banks associated with Zelle.