Freelancers are waiting 3x longer to get paid than contracted staff – report finds

Freelancers are waiting 3x longer to get paid than contracted staff – report finds

Freelancers wait three times longer to get paid than full time staff, as firms struggle with both cash flow and payroll issues, according to research from Sonovate.

Has RTO Flatlined Leveraging Workplace Data to Boost ROI

As companies set mandates for returning to the office, understanding the short-term and long-term implications is imperative. This session explores innovative solutions that drive long-term success. Our panelists share valuable insights from our latest benchmark report, discussing how companies can enable employees and businesses to thrive, without solely focusing on cost reduction and savings. They also highlight how workplace data paves the way toward a less wasteful future.

This session is ideal for professionals who want to influence and redefine the future of the workplace. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights from disruptors on how workplace data can be leveraged to identify opportunities that increase ROI.

Guest speakers:
– Sandra Panara, Director Analytics & Innovation at Relogix
– Andrew Millar, Founder & CEO at Relogix
– Dave Cairns, Senior VP – Office Leasing at CBRE
– Mark Gilbreath, Founder & CEO at LiquidSpace
– Gabe Burke, Portfolio Strategies Lead at Accenture
– Kay Sargent, Director of Workplace, HOK

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Should you pay freelancers using an hourly rate or fixed price?

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Taxes for Freelancers Explained

Freelance & deadlines ��

It’s more than just meeting expectations.


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