Munich Re Ventures back digital life insurer Amplify

Munich Re Ventures back digital life insurer Amplify

Amplify Life Insurance, a digital-first life insurance platform, has closed an investment round led by Munich Re Ventures (MRV).

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Tuesdays with Lloyd’s – Munich Re Syndicate Showcase

Dominick Hoare, Group Chief Underwriting Officer
Rob McAdams, Head of Marine

Moderated by Vivienne Russell, Head of Account Management, Lloyd’s

Hosted by Pat Talley, US Regional Director and Managing Agent Practice Leader, Lloyd’s

Data breach I Cyber Solutions from Munich Re

Opportunity and risks are both expanding exponentially. As our ability to share more, do more, and discover more grows, so does the exposure to cyber crime. In the case of a cyber incident like Phishing attacks and a resulting data breach, companies must have the post-incident services in place to quickly take action – and the coverage to fund them. When cyber criminals sneak in the back door of an IoT-enabled business, Munich Re is here to help. We offer the services and coverage to help companies contain losses from data breach.

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Munich Re Ventures, insights on changing financial models, insurance & risk

This is one of a series of presentations and discussions led by Aimava. Future and past programs can be found at

Munich RE Ventures is the strategic CVC group of Munich RE and invests in emerging companies that are developing new technologies and business models – and risks – for tomorrow’s world. As one of the global providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions, Munich RE is uniquely positioned to help the world adopt new innovations by transferring the risks from invention and by developing solutions for loss prevention.
Jacqueline LeSage Krause, shared the purpose, process and people aspect of the Munich Re Venture funds. We will also have insights on the changing value chains, financial models and transactions that are impacting financial services, insurance and data that are impacting business and society. We will discuss the risk perspectives of significant change in eco systems like electric vehicles, autonomy, new built environment, space travel and other future solutions. Jacqueline will also share insights on the impact and mitigation of the pandemic.
The Aimava sessions are very interactive and there will be plenty of opportunity to share perspectives and questions with peers on the call to share learning and build mutual understanding. These discussions are edited out of this video.
Key contributors to this session;
Jacqueline LeSage Krause, Managing Director of Munich Re Ventures profile below
Andrew Gaule, CEO of Aimava

Brief introduction from the participants (around 20 people on a call)
Introductions and Objective
Context and examples Andrew Gaule
Expert experience perspective and topic Guest speaker for around 20 minutes
Questions and discussion