New VC focuses on humanities, social sciences and technology

New VC focuses on humanities, social sciences and technology

Hannah Leach, Partner at Houghton Street Ventures Co-Founder Venture ESG, explains how their tie-up with the LSE and focus on ESG will help enable start-ups.

Northzone discusses resilience of European #VC

�� Limited partners are still putting their faith in Europe’s maturing #VC ecosystem even as the current economic climate means startups need to be flexible, says Northzone’s Stockholm-based partner PJ Pärson.

At Web Summit earlier this month, PitchBook London Bureau Chief Andrew Woodman spoke with PJ Pärson on the resilience of European VC. Learn more here ➡️

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Cultural Studies terms: Digital Humanities NEW AREA IN RESEARCH IN ENGLISH DEPARTMENTS

In the post-COVID world, a very important area for education. and research is likely to be Digital Humanities. Students of English Literature should be equipped with new skills in learning and research to survive in the new scenario. This video is an introduction to how you can get ready for it.

Script: Sethulakshmi A
Video made by Ankit Sharma
Narration: Dr Kalyani Vallath

Why Venture Capital Loves Social Media

Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow discuss the influx of VC money flowing towards social media apps that focus on happiness, like the Berlin-based Slay app which lets users send anonymous compliments.

If You Know Nothing About Venture Capital, Watch This First | Forbes

Venture capital is a key component in the growth of technology companies, but do you know the basics of how it works? If not, we’ve put together a little explainer with Lego to get you up to speed.

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