Where There’s Waste, There’s Data.

Where There’s Waste, There’s Data.

Mike Groves, Founder & CEO, Topolytics, describes how they aggregate data and use ML to track and trace the world's waste to enable corporates to report on progress to reduce, reuse, recycle.

NH Solid Waste Working Group Meeting July 26, 2022

Video of the final meeting of the NH Solid Waste Working Group, before the public comment period (August?) and then the publishing of the new state solid waste plan by Director Wimsatt’s deadline of October 1, 2022. (They will continue to meet for the next 4 years to continue to assist the NHDES with planning and policy initiatives related to solid waste management, until November 1, 2026).
There some very good discussion throughout the meeting, as well as a very interesting exchange at the end of the meeting between NH State Senator James Gray and NHDES Waste Management Director Michael Wimsatt relative to public input and the role of the SWWG to include any of that in the group recommendations to NHDES.

**Rep. Karen Ebel, Chair of the SWWG, gives an impassioned speech at 1:10:55 that is a must see!!

March 2022 NSSAB Educational Session | Transportation of Low-Level Waste to the NNSS | Andrew Worker

During a Nevada Site Specific Advisory Board (NSSAB) meeting on March 16, 2022, an overview of Low-Level Waste Transportation to the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) was presented by Department of Energy Environmental Management’s waste management activity lead, Andrew Worker.

NSSAB – https://www.nnss.gov/NSSAB/
FFACO – https://www.nnss.gov/docs/fact_sheets/DOENV_964.pdf
DOE EM Program – https://www.nnss.gov/docs/fact_sheets/DOENV_1058.pdf

SCLF Webinar 12 – Introduction to the Construction Waste Portal Thursday, August 27, 2020

This webinar was delivered by John Logan who introduced the Construction Waste Portal. Construction produces over 60% of all UK waste, yet there is a lack of coherent and valid data in relation to construction waste forecasting and costing. This means that waste management planning in terms of volume and cost is unpredictable at best, and guesswork in the worst cases. 30% of all profit margins in construction are lost to overspend on waste.

There is demand within the construction industry for better cost and waste estimation; ConstructionWastePortal.com will deliver better interfacing and commercial opportunities between construction and the waste industry. Not only does the website provide a platform for cost certainty and planning, it also provides a platform for best practice in terms of waste minimisation and resource efficiency.

John has over 30 years experience in environmental and sustainability management, with the last 12 years spent in construction, having also previously served 10 years in a regulatory capacity with SEPA.

ConstrutionWastePortal.com is John’s brainchild having been inspired to find a way to link industry waste management practices and data science for better resource efficiency and circularity across the construction industry.

Where Do Deleted Files Go?

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What have we lost forever?


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