Why firms need internal audit technology

Why firms need internal audit technology

Ideagen, which develops GRC management solutions, has released a report offering an in-depth exploration of auditing software.

GRC Chat #1 – Internal Audit, Technology and Human Aspect with Salih Ahmed Islam

This is the first episode of our new podcast format Global Risk Community Chat where we discuss the following topics:

Latest trends in Internal Audit
Most important things an internal auditor, or people that work closely with you should be focusing on right now;
Internal Audit and Technology;
and more
In this series, our aim is to have a 10-min chat with valuable community members like you to bring different perspectives on what you are focusing on in the complex world of risk.

Don’t worry – Risk Management Show will continue airing as well!

If you want to apply to. be our guest, or you know some one who would be a great guest, just send your email to [email protected] with a subject line “Global Risk Community chat” and give a brief explanation of what topic you wuld like to to talk about and we will be in touch with you asap.

Harnessing Digital Technology and Innovation in Internal Audit

Fraud impacts every organization, and deterring it takes teamwork. Chrysti Ziegler, CFE, CIA and CRMA, and David Dominguez, CIA, CFE, CISA, CRMA, share their views on the importance of partnership between internal auditors and fraud examiners.

As automated digital tools become more prevalent, internal auditors need to have greater control and insight on their impact. In this episode, Chris Denver and Ma’Kayla Tillman of Crowe, share practical approaches for auditing robotic process automation (RPA). In The Big Idea, we expose the “thought processes” of Artificial Intelligence to encounter “Explainable AI.”

Also, Durran Dunn, an award-winning accounting/finance professional and elite sprint athlete known as “The Freeze,” shares his winning coaching strategies and techniques for the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

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Integrity and Leadership:
Durran Dunn shares the essential nature of integrity and leadership.

Robotics Process Administration:
Chris Denver and Ma’Kayla Tillman share four takeaways regarding auditing RPA.

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16:18 – In Focus Challenge Trivia – Question
16:45 – RPA Interview with Chris Denver, Ma’Kayla Tillman
22:38 – In Focus Challenge Trivia – Answer
23:23 – The Big Idea: Explainable AI
36:07 – Closing
36:15 – Fraud Virtual Conference
36:51 – GAM Conference
37:02 – Analytics and Automation Virtual Conference
37:13 – Gaining and Saving with IIA Group Services and Training
37:32 – Thank you for watching!

The IPPF: The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness

Changes in today’s business environment and the associated risks are only accelerating. Internal auditing requires commitment and a framework of clearly articulated principles, leading-practice standards, and timely guidance that not only acknowledge but also anticipate these changes. For internal audit to keep up with an ever-changing environment, learn how the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) is evolving to effectively support the profession and meeting the many challenges ahead.

The Role Of Internal Audit In Relation To Emerging Technologies

Organisations are rapidly evolving through innovation and technological advancements. Emerging technologies are redefining business models, products and processes and creating vast opportunities but also new areas of risk. The role of Internal Audit (IA) is vital in providing independent insights into the adequacy and effectiveness of risks and controls for the Audit Committee and Board, but IA can also play a key role as trusted risk and controls advisor to the business embarking on emerging technology journeys.

Lyon Poh, Partner and Head of Digital & Technology, KPMG Singapore spoke on the topic, “The Role Of Internal Audit In Relation To Emerging Technologies” at IIA Singapore’s Annual Conference 2019 and shared insights in the applications and risks of emerging technologies (particularly in relation to AI, Blockchain and Cloud); and discussed the need for agility and change in IA to better address these technologies in the rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.